Welcome to the official Swim With Whale Sharks tour information and reservations center. Mexico's Caribbean coast is one of the only destinations in the world where participants can snorkel alongside the amazing Whale Sharks. Join us for an exciting experience that puts you within just a few yards of these thirty-foot long natural wonders.

As an extra-added bonus, you will snorkel at one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the Caribbean. During our tours, guests often encounter sea life that includes pods of dolphins, sea turtles, manta rays and schools of colorful tropical fish. We are currently accepting deposits to guarantee space on this truly unique adventure. CLICK HERE to reserve.

Tours are held between May 15 - Sept. 17

Our 1/2-day Whale Sharks & Reef Snorkeling Tours depart from our marina at Puerto Juarez, next to the ferry terminal that offers service to Isla Mujeres. Since our vessels are so conveniently located, you spend less time traveling to and from the expedition site, and will arrive back at your resort by mid afternoon.

Receive complimentary "I Swam With Whale Sharks" t-shirts ($15 value each) for every adventurer in your expedition party, when you reserve a tour direct with us via our website.
We Guarantee No-Fee Rescheduling, Hassle-Free Cancellations, Plus Our Exclusive 100% Money Back Policy... CLICK HERE for details.

Whale Shark Facts

Whale Sharks are not whales, but are in fact the largest filter feeder fish on the planet. These gentle giants are indifferent to people and slow swimmers in relation to their colossal size, gliding along at approximately 3 mph (5 kph). Whale Sharks visit the Yucatan Peninsula's Caribbean coast during the summer season to feed on tiny fish and plankton that gather near the surface. This presents an ideal opportunity to see these docile creatures up close in their natural habitat. However this small window of opportunity lasts only a short time, before the Whale Sharks head south toward the warmer waters of Central and South America until the following year.